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CT-16 Tester

The WireBasics CT-16 Cable Tester

Bullet Digital Programmable Logic Designed To Detect Shorts, Opens, and Crossed Connections.
Bullet Works With Assemblies Containing Splices.
Bullet Easy to Read and Use Manual.
Bullet 90 Day Manufacturers Warranty.
Bullet Accept All Major Credit Cards.
Bullet Complete Kit only $395

Check out our adaptors. If you don't see what you need, don't worry we do custom. Contact Us. We Like Texting! Call or Email if you have complex questions. 765-615-1498 todd@protronllc.com

Standard Features (were optional, now free!):
Bullet Internal SPDT relay for controling external devices.
Bullet Two pin TTL level output for triggering printer or other digital device.
Bullet Built in 9V battery compartment for portable use.

The CT-16 will detect and locate:

Bullet Shorts
Bullet Mis-Wires
Bullet Open Circuits
Bullet Incorrect Splices
Product Features:
Bullet Two diagnostic indicators for each circuit under test
Bullet Pass and fail lamps for fast reliable testing
Bullet Can be biased for detecting high resistance connections
Bullet Will operate on 9V battery for portable use
Bullet Compact and lightweight
Bullet High impact rugged plastic case
Bullet High quality wear resistant face panel
Bullet Designed with the budget conscious shopper in mind
Accessories available for your testing needs include...
Bullet Custom Length Ribbon Cables
Bullet Custom Exact Termination Adaptors (contact us)
Bullet Resistive Biasing Module
Bullet Pin Out Reconfiguring Module
When you purchase the CT-16 Kit you will receive...
Bullet The CT-16 Continuity Tester
Bullet Two Universal Tension Contact Adaptors
Bullet Two 16 Conductor 24 inch Ribbon Cables
Bullet Wall Wart 6VDC Power Adaptor
Bullet Operators Manual

What makes the CT-16 better? The WireBasics CT-16 is better because the connectors that interface your test piece are not part of the base unit. Other units break down after repeated use and the unit must be repaired or replaced. Our product interfaces the test piece via our unique adaptors and ribbon cables. If you wear out the adaptor simply replace it and you are testing again in minutes.

The ribbon cables that interface the adaptors to the tester also add the advantage of remote placement. If you have a long assembly to test you can simply purchase one of our extra length ribbon cables for your test board.

The advantages don't stop there, the programmable CT-16 will test cables with multiple splices inside. And when it finds an error it tells you exactly where the error is and the type, ie:open, cross, or short. We have not seen any other product that measures up in this price range.

The WireBasics CT-16 Cable Tester / Continuity Tester

Perfect for testing cables of all kinds and wire harness assemblies.
The green adapters you see in the photo above are connected to the tester via the gray ribbon cables provided with the kit. Once connected the adaptors allow you to insert idividual wires into the green spring loaded contacts. This feature makes it easy for you to connect almost any wire harness or cable device. All you need to test your harness or cable is a mating connector to your ends with stripped wires. View the shop online page for more information.  We also carry pre-made adaptors, these include: CAT-5E/NETLAN, DB-9, DB-15, RCA, LPT1, IDE, COM PORT (BOTH 9 AND 25 PIN).  We also have items not yet listed on this page and we make custom adaptors for your specific needs.

For more information text or call (765)615-1489 or email us at info@wirebasics.com

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